Arthur Dale

NPC, A Doll's House


Name: Dale, Arthur

Age: 45

Sex: Male

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 80kg

App: 13

Occupation: Home office, manages a department of a small company

Sexual preferences: Homosexual

Arthur Dale may be 45 years old, but he looks twenty years older. His looks resemble more an older person who has kept his charms than a younger man who has aged prematurely. He has full, silver gray hair, quite wrinkled skin, and brown eyes. He carries himself in a way that communicates defeat and weakness. Arthur works at home, and rarely leaves the house. He wears non-descript clothing in shades of black and brown, un-ironed shirts and worn, untied shoes when he leaves his home. He spends his time working from home and taking care of his adoptive daughter Sara. Arthur is a kind man, and cares deeply for his daughter. He is simply a good man who has had all the worst of society thrown at him. Arthur is a homosexual, and has no current partner, nor has he had one in fourteen years.


Arthur Dale used to be the owner of a prosperous toy company, Dale Dolls inc. He focused his business on traditional porcelain dolls and quality merchandise to go with those dolls, like costumes, carts and doll houses. Although his products were on the more expensive side, they gained much merit for their classic look and popularity with collectors and children alike. He himself served as the spokesperson of the company as “The Puppeteer”, performing shows with magic, comedy and ventriloquism using his company’s dolls as set pieces for his act. His talent for performing quickly made him known throughout the UK, and his products were set to ship out nationwide. However, there was another toy company in town. This company, Dream Dolls, owned by Gregory Thompson, had a more modern approach to toy production, and focused on cheap plastic dolls and simple accessories. After years of rivalry, Dale was emerging victorious from their feud, and was prepared to present his products to several large investors. This was fourteen years ago. Dale had at this point been in a relationship with the nephew of Dream Doll’s owner, Harland Thompson, who was only 21 at the time. The night before Arthur was to meet with the investors, Harland revealed their relationship as something he had been tricked into by Arthur. At the same time, Dale Dolls inc.’s warehouses were set fire to, and Arthur was accused of insurance fraud. The events lost Dale Dolls inc. all support from the investors, and Arthur lost face to the entire community. He retired, at the age of 31, and excluded himself to his large house just outside of town, where he drank heavily and smoked a lot. He did some different work from home, but rarely went outside or interacted with anyone. The shame was too much to bear. He was declared mentally insane, and was made to receive therapy for some time. However, his therapist, a young woman, declared him perfectly sane after six months, and it is because of this declaration that he has been able to find permanent employment again, as well as adopt a child.

Seven years later he adopted Sara, as he felt his life lacked meaning. He let her have all the dolls his company had left after it had gone under, and gave her every privilege she could have wanted. Although his life never would return to the way it used to be, Arthur had found something to live for, and was more content with his life now than he had been in many years.

Arthur Dale

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