Elisabeth Sheffield

NPC, A Doll's House


Name: Sheffield, Elisabeth

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Height: 1.68m

Weight: 65kg

App: 12

Occupation: Personal tauter/nanny

Sexual preferences: Heterosexual

Elisabeth is a handsome-looking woman in her early 30s. She wears sensible clothing, and uses a pair of narrow reading glasses when she teaches or reads. She has all her life liked children, and finds it hard to be strict, instead making herself well liked, and winning her pupils’ admiration and respect. She has no children of her own, and no husband or permanent partner. She is perfectly qualified as a teacher, and has a pedagogic degree angled at young children from the university of Nottingham.


Elisabeth had ovarian cancer when she was 26 years old, and is so unable to mother a child herself, which is why she changed her occupation from primary school teacher to personal tauter after her cancer treatment. Her sickness scared her for life, and now she treasures her life above anything, and takes no risks that involve her own health or well being. She is quite emotional, and easily breaks down, though a successful psychoanalysis check snaps her out of it. Another successful check reveals that the poor woman is afraid; afraid of her illness returning. Pressing the matter with her reveals that her mother died of breast cancer, and Elisabeth has trouble coping with her own vulnerability to the condition. She is afraid that if she loses her breasts too, she will have lost everything that makes her a woman, and no man will ever find her attractive.

Elisabeth Sheffield

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