Henry Smith

Police chief of Daleburough


Name: Smith, Henry

Age: 52

Sex: Male

Height: 1.87m

Weight: 85kg

App: 11

Occupation: Police chief

Sexual preferences: Heterosexual

Henry Smith is a dominating man, tall and rugged, he inspires fear in the people he does not like, and a sense of security in those he likes. He has thick brown hair that is graying heavily, but has not receeded as of yet. He usually wears his uniform, and is otherwise dressed nicely, almost formally. Although he is in charge of security of Daleburough, getting on Henry’s bad side is hard. He is a firm believer in the good in people, and will always try to advocate a reasonable resolution that is favorable and comfortable for everyone involved. People have nicknamed him “The Gentle Bear”.


Henry smith is the chief of police in Daleburough. He has worked in law enforcement all his life, and did once hold a dream of going away to make a name for himself in the city, but that dream died to make way for a new one when he met his wife Rebecca when he was 27. She came to town as a teacher for a class from Nottingham, and Henry was welcoming them to the city. They caught each other’s eyes, and later got together. They stayed in touch, and Rebecca ended up moving to Daleburough, and is currently the teacher at Daleburough Primary School. They married and had one child, Harvey, who is working as a police officer under his father. Henry loves to tell the story about how he and Rebecca left, and often pulls out a worn out sepia photograph of the two the day after she arrived in town for the first time. He always ends his romantic speech about how he loves her more now than ever and how their relationship is still alive and romantic.

Henry Smith

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