Harvey Smith

Son of Henry and Rebecca Smith


Name: Smith, Harvey

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Height: 1.83m

Weight: 79kg

App: 12

Occupation: Police constable

Sexual preferences: Heterosexual

Harvey is a quite good looking young man who enjoys his work as police constable in Daleburough. He much resembles his father, and has a habit for imitating his walk and posture. Harvey is comitted to three things in life; Becoming chief of police after his father retires, finding the perfect woman, and finding the perfect beer.


Harvey is a novice police constable who aspires to take up his father’s mantle after his retirement. He is currently working as a constable at Daleburough police department, together with his father Henry and three other constables. He sometimes feels trapped in the small town community he was born into. He wants to get out and live a fuller life before he comes back and settles down. He currently has no partner.

Harvey Smith

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