Setting; village, A Doll’s House

Population: 957

Founder: Arden Dale

Settled: 1248

Daleborough was founded in 1248 by Arden Dale and his wife Lily. Arden was a military officer, and the town was originally set up as a military base and training facility. However, as the borders moved with time, the city’s location made its purpose as a military facility obsolete. Today, Daleburough is a small farming community that experiences some tourism during the summer. The salmon in the river passing the village is known to be quite spectacular, and this is the main reason for the tourism. The old keep also attracts some visitors, and has a small museum that is open during the months April through October. During the rest of the year, the keep rents out facilities for parties, and arranges festivals and the like. The only real business in town is the toy company Dram Dolls, which produces modern dolls and accessories in plastic. Their production facilities and storage has long since been moved out of town, but the main administrative offices are still situated in the village itself. The owner, Gregory Thompson, still lives in town with his family.


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